A closer look at littlest victims of schoolhouse assaults

The children were confused, scared and hurt. In their own words, they did their best to convey what other students had done to them in the school restroom, the gym and the bus. What their families learned left them shaken… BigStory.ap.org will soon be gone, but don’t worry! APNews.com is your new destination for news […]

Fire chief, 2-year old among 14 killed by storms, floods in South and Midwest

Tornadoes or flooding hit areas including Texas,Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri and Mississippi, while Kansas deals with a spring snow. Authorities say multiple deaths have been reported as a result of severe weather and at least one tornado touchdown on Saturday. USA TODAY An overturned vehicle rests on the ground surrounded by debris in Canton, Texas, on […]

Undeveloped microbiomes make infants more prone to illness

Undeveloped immune systems are not the only culprit in infants’ susceptibility. The microbiome is a diverse community of organisms living in a single environment, including environments like the bodies of larger animals. In humans, the bulk of the microbiome is in the intestines, where these tiny organisms help us digest food and regulate some of our […]

Yoweri Museveni: A five times-elected dictator?

The Ugandan president discusses regional relationships, human rights abuses and possible constitutional reform. He’s ruled Uganda for 31 years. With five presidential terms in office, Yoweri Museveni is surrounded by controversies related to freedom of speech, human rights, allegations of nepotism, and even the killing of Ugandan citizens. But President Museveni claims Uganda is one […]

Hungry stomach hormone promotes growth of new brain cells

Some people say that fasting makes them feel mentally sharper. The hunger hormone ghrelin may be why – and it may protect against Parkinson’s disease Last chance to book for our Human Health event on 6th May Could fasting boost your brainpower? A stomach hormone that stimulates appetite seems to promote the growth of new […]

PSA: Peugeot sucht die Steckdose

Bis 2021 will der PSA-Konzern vier Elektroautos und sieben Benzin-Plug-in-Hybride auf dem Markt haben. Der einst hochgelobte Diesel-Hybrid spielt keine Rolle mehr. Erfahrung macht klug. Es ist gerade einmal sechs Jahre her, da hatten die Entwickler bei Peugeot die Vorzüge ihres Diesel-Hybridantriebs HYbrid4 in den Himmel gelobt. “Wir können hier bewusst unsere Kernkompetenz, nämlich die […]

Sculptor Cornelia Parker named as 2017 election artist

Turner Prize-nominated artist Cornelia Parker becomes the fifth official election artist. Sculptor Cornelia Parker has been chosen as this year’s official election artist. Parker, who was once nominated for the Turner Prize, is the fifth election artist and the first woman in the role. She will observe the election campaign, which culminates in the vote […]